When did the best escorts come around to serve you?

Escorts and prostitutes have been around for centuries, perhaps since the beginning of time. They have been serving their clients since the dawn of humanity. The exact period is not known yet, however. Their services revolved around sexual experiences back then. Today, it has evolved into something more - from having a company for the evening to curbing loneliness. So, here is how the Vancouver escorts agencies reached where they are today.


Origin of the term and services

The word 'prostitute' is said to have Latin origins and has been present in the vocabulary of several languages. Over the years, the term has evolved. Till the 1970s, the term was used to describe a woman offering sexual favors in return for money. Today, it is a lucrative business idea as agencies hire and manage escorts to address the needs of their clients.


The ladies labeled escorts, call girls, or prostitutes have existed throughout history: ancient Greek and Roman literature mention their accounts. Even biblical tales and works of the Middle Ages feature these ladies. Some forms of historical paintings, pottery, and poems show imagery of sexual activities and the ladies being paid for their services.


How do the best escorts make money?

Wealth is an essential aspect of life because flashy clothes and expensive cars are desirable for everyone. Earlier, escorts made quick cash in small amounts with their services. However, it has evolved into a way of surviving and paying for necessities. Girls make enough money to buy themselves jewelry, clothes, gadgets, etc. Further, it is not just about sex anymore. Escorts working with agencies can feel safer and provide several services.


Accounts with the law

The law and norms for this profession vary from country to country. Some nations vary with regions as well. For example, Mexico has witnessed many changes in the law and punishment for engaging with an escort. In India, escorting is legal, while prostitution is not. Some consider it legal and ethical, while others look down on the ladies and their services. However, agencies often deal smartly with the laws to build their business.


They present their business to arrange meetings between their clients and the escorts. It aligns with the services and the client's needs also. Not everyone hires a lady for sexual performance. Many men hire a kady because they may need company for events or enjoy a pleasant dinner. Further, whatever goes on during the meeting takes place between two adults with consent. So, if a law gets violated or something else goes wrong, the agency stays innocent in the whole situation.


Apart from that, escorting can lead to violations of several laws. It applies to advertising and marketing of the services. These may cross the legal line, making the agency unable to market the ladies outright. Some unique platforms exist, allowing agencies and independent escorts to create their profiles, upload pictures, and make statements about their services. Even though police and the legal system are aware of the situation, they prefer to go after the bothersome prostitution on the street.